bitcoin core synchronisation
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Bitcoin core synchronisation places to visit between haridwar and badrinath

Bitcoin core synchronisation

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If you move your whole. Note that if you change your datadir and do not copy the. You could try setting this to -1 which leaves one core free. Your busy node does not need the additional work. After the initial sync, you can revert these settings to their defaults but probably leave your datadir wherever you put it. The same as anytime you want anything fast on a computer. In the real world, and from personal experience, using an SSD increased sync speed more than 10x on my example system from the performance noted above.

Anecdotes Real life example of varying system performance: I know someone personally who had to work on a quite large, but not extraordinarily large, Illustrator file. Just for kicks he thought he would try the same file on a bog standard PC, opened it in Illustrator and it was completely normal. The opposite result is probably true for some operations. Also note, I have observed that exiting and restarting Bitcoin Core during initial sync seems to speed it up a bit for a while once it connects to nodes again.

Referencing again personal experience, syncing on Windows 10 bit seems to be orders of magnitude faster than syncing on Linux on the same hardware - even if Windows is running in Gnome-Boxes, it easily churns through blocks per second during the initial stages of download. Alternatives If you are in serious trouble waiting to sync Bitcoin Core a full node client and you do not need the additional features that Bitcoin Core provides then, you may consider trying Electrum not a full node client which does not need to do the initial sync.

On Fedora 27, getting Electrum is as simple as sudo dnf install electrum. When I went to bed, it seemed awfully unresponsive, with mouse movements taking several seconds before they showed up on the screen. It now would not at all react to any attempts to close it or click on anything. I had to "hard-cut" the power to the machine and restart it.

Now I'm again running Bitcoin Core and so far, it seems very responsive and says "10 days". Dual core something. Which is why it was not a choice to store the entire blockchain and I had to use pruned mode right away. I don't know what to make of this.